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Our two lovely daughters..


Adlyna Zahra the cheeky naughty lil girl… and Nurul Aisya the polite and girly lil girl.. 🙂 Image


Hiking Arthur’s seat

Pentland Hills, Edinburgh

A lovely regional park located approximately 5 minutes from home.. After 3 years, only now, we managed to visit this beautiful park. We hope  this is not our last visit here.. 😉



12th Anniversary

Alhamdulillah, 31st October 2011 marked our 12th year anniversary of being a couple.. 🙂

Nothing much to write as currently busy with thesis-writing.

Aidilfitri 2011 – InsyaAllah our last Raya di perantauan…

This year, our raya is quite different from previous years.It’s mainly because, we have my not-so-lil bro all the way from Egypt to celebrate it with us here. Another reason for us to appreciate this year’s raya is due to hoping that this would be our last raya  di perantauan. We are aiming our best to get everything done by first quarter next year.. furthermore, there’s lots of things going on next year with family back home, particular on daddy’s side of the family.. yeay! can’t wait for it to get started, especially planning for it!

Enjoy some our raya pics!

After solat sunat @ Surau King’s Bulding, University of Edinburgh

With Hayat aka Ayahsu

Ayahsu and the girls

The whole bunch of Malaysians in Edinburgh… what’s left

Us @ home

Finally, our family raya pic..;)


Alhamdulillah, it’s over for daddy..




Nothing much to say, these pictures says it all. We are so proud of you daddy! and looking forward to attend your graduation ceremony in November. It’s been quite a grueling year, with both of  us studying while juggling with work and childcare.  In the end, it’s worth it!

Congratulations again daddy!

You did it! You did it! (sing it with the dora song tune!) hehehe

Teaching reference


I got this book last Sunday at the carboot sale.. First thing that struck my head was its useful for earlier year studio classes..:) good bargain for the day!

moving forward…

Alhamdulillah, everything is progressing with my PhD research so far.. and hubby dearest is preparing his best for his finals, commencing 26th April – 6th May… The girls, now, are also growing well.. and behaving good, that makes everything much easier each day. I hope it would stay like this for as long as it could. I’m just grateful to be blessed with all these. Alhamdulillah again. Syukur!

‘adik is unwell mommy…’

That is what aisya told me everytime she sees adik sneeze or coughing…. memang kesian sgt looking at adik dealing with her flu. Despite having a bad runny nose.. bad coughing .. she still like always tries to be as cheeky as she would normally be… Can’t wait for her to fully recover from all this.

Actually, I wanted to take note here that at 1 year and 7 months, Adik @ Adlyna is totally off mommy’s nenen. I’m so proud of her… it only takes around approximately 1 week of daytime total weaning and another 3 days of total day & night weaning to get herself used to the whole new routine.. Also a big applause to daddy in making the transition smooth. I can also say that I’m quite proud of myself that I managed to wean her gently.. without her being so grumpy and frustrated. Furthermore, I think, its also a suitable time for me as well.. this is because, so far, after approx. a week, I haven’t experience any side-effects i.e engorgement.. 🙂 I think, my boobs doesnt produce any much milk for her anymore..:) However, I do feel like I kinda miss breastfeeding her.. and I do realize that I snap more easily every now and then.. huhuhu seems like the calm effect of breastfeeding is not there anymore to help me settle down with my mood swings.. huhuhu As some people might already know, when mothers breastfeed, we produce this hormone called prolactin that helps us feel relaxed and calm.. this hormone is important to allow the mother to bond with the baby and further develop the motherliness in her.. So, when you stop breastfeeding, it would somehow affects the mother as well, especially the psychological side without us realizing it… hmm. now I have to psyche myself more often to avoid having unnecessary mood swings, especially in critical times like now… – dealing with my 2nd stage of analysis  & daddy’s final exams in few weeks time..

pictures of adik at around 6-8 months … so booolat..! thats y we call her ‘bubu’ every now n then..hehehe

Stress-related back pain…

Been having serious back pain since the new routines kick in..I don’t think I can cope anymore. I want the old routine back. Alhamdulillah hubby dearest is very understanding ..We now, have to start looking at our priorities again. Well, there’s a good Malay proverb that says ‘ Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong keciciran..’ We really don’t want anything like that happen to us. I’m already happy with what we had previously. The previous routine fits us really well and  I really hope we can get back to that routine again.. InsyaAllah.. Amin..

* Some info on stress-related back pain*

The Stress / Back Pain Connection

There is a strong connection between stress and back pain. Stress causes a release of stress hormones. Stress hormones increase the perception of pain.

Stress hormones also cause the muscles to tighten up. The muscles may tense up so much they go into painful spasms. Back and neck muscles are particularly sensitive to the effects of stress.

Muscle tension reduces blood flow to the tissues (reduced oxygen and nutrients to the tissues). Reduced blood flow delays healing. Adequate circulation is also necessary to flush acidic waste products (byproducts of muscular activity) from the tissues. A build up of acidic waste products in the tissues can cause fatigue and pain.

Stress in itself can cause back pain. A person with a ‘bad back’, e.g. a person who has scar tissue from an old injury or degenerative changes in the spine due to aging, may notice the effects of stress triggering back pain even more than someone with a healthy back. The slightest muscle tension may be ‘the straw the broke the camel’s back.’ For instance, if spinal nerves are already restricted by scar tissue or calcium deposits it may take minimal muscle tension to compress nerves and cause pain. Sciatica may flare up when one is feeling stressed.

Tense back muscles increase back pain and pain increases tensing of muscles – a vicious cycle of stress and back pain can be created.

The back is less capable of tolerating even mild abuse (lifting something slightly heavy, poor posture, a sudden twist, sitting too long, etc) when a person is under stress. Stress causes the muscles to tighten up, leaving them vulnerable to injury.

Reducing Stress

Relieving stress can reduce pain that is aggravated or caused by tense muscles. Managing stress on an ongoing basis may also help prevent back pain from occurring in the first place.

Stress can be relieved through exercise. Aerobic exercise is a particularly effective form of exercise for relieving stress -aerobic exercise burns off stress hormones and increases the body’s production of endorphins – naturally occurring chemicals that relieve pain and improve mood. Stretching exercises also can relieve stress and loosen tight muscles. Yoga incorporates poses that increase strength and flexibility with breathing techniques to relieve stress.

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation techniques invoke the “relaxation response.” Muscles relax and blood pressure, heartbeat, and respiration decrease. This is the opposite of the “stress response” where muscles tense and blood pressure, heartbeat, and respiration increase.

There are many relaxation techniques, from simple deep breathing exercises that are easy to learn on one’s own to self-hypnosis that must initially be taught by a qualified professional. Other relaxation techniques include meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, biofeedback.

Source: here

happy, seeing them happy…

*Happy Mommy*

the book…

The book was recommended by Glen aka the SV… He gave me to read on the data analysis as I mentioned to him that I was quite stuck and confused…its just one of those tonnes of books that he let me keep for my readings..but this book, he clearly mentioned that I can only keep it for a ‘wee’ while.. He said that this is his favourite book, he still do refers to it.. And uses it for his classes as well. Knowing about this, I’ve made up my mind to hunt for it. Thanks to the “redlaser app”, I managed to secure the book in no time. I opted for the used book.. Not being cheapskate, but because i’ve heard colleagues talked about it being a good bargain, besides it only cost me £2.22. huh! Definitely a bargain!

I was surprised when it arrived today. Though it clearly mentioned that its ‘used’, it looks spanking new to me ! Except for few dents, that doesn’t matter at all..

Aisya’s 3rd Birthday

Celebrated on 28th February & 5th March 2011 – Actual Birth date : 29th February… 😉


enjoying the sun with the girls

Last Monday, it was such a lovely day, and we took the opportunity to take the kids out to the citycentre.

Well, it was just a coincidence since daddydearest was going to to town for his educational visit to the Edinburgh Council in Waverly Court. We tagged along, parked the car and off we go, me and the girls went for some window shopping while daddy off for his visit. After some shopping at John Lewis @ St James Centre, we went out of the mall and coincidently found a beautiful park with spring flowers (Crocus albiflorus) just started to bloom. The girls had a blast, running around freely.

Hope to see more lovely  sunny days this spring!!


Mommy dearest!


It’s really time to think things through.. To evaluate the priorities.. .. The question is.. Family or career/ work.. That is the dilemma faced by my dearest hubby.. Yes, true ; money is what everyone wants.. But does it guarantee happiness.. Will it give you the ultimate pleasure??


For now, let’s enjoy some pictures taken few days ago at an indoor soft play area, TimeTwisters, Edinburgh


turning point?

Just recieved news from hubby dearest about something that would definitely be the major turning point of our life..

I’m hoping for the best and now, it’s time to think things through and hope that Allah the Almighty would guide us in making the right decision.

shop til you drop! and.. I do mean, til you drop..

We’re totally dropped now.. huhuhu..

been shopping like god knows.. be it online or off-line..been shopping like mad, and its scaring me…It’s all because of the fact that the VAT will increase by 4th January, which is tomorrow.. and today, 3rd January, I just did the final puchase.. I hope it is the FINAL purchase.. hehehe.. Well, what did we buy?? hmm.. just leave that to us.. huhhuhu.. But Alhamdulillah, though the list is long, we only buy the things that we think has greater priority .. meaning, luxury items are totally out.. huhuh.. good..good.. :))

Stuck.. again??

Darn..I’m stuck again. I’ve been sitting on this chair for hours, after tucking BigSisAisya into bed, and LilSisAdlyna in her buai..Instead of doing the actual writing, I keep on adjusting the formats of the chapter…pretending that I was really into it.. also, hoping that an idea would just popped out.

Eventually, everything failed..Looks like browsing for recipes on how to roast the turkey that a dear friend just dropped off is more appealing..hehehe.. Maybe its just because the holiday mood is already embedded within me.. huhuhu Talking about the roast turkey recipe options, at the moment, Jamie’s recipe top the list. It seems to be a very simple yet verrry yummilicious.. Well, of course, modifying it  to suit  to our typical  Malay taste-bud is a must…oops, sorry Jamie..heheheh

Let’s see how things goes.. I also pray that I would manage to finish the draft chapter by boxing day.. *keepingmyfingerscrossed*.

*Update – The aftermath..



the long awaited parcel..

Finally it arrived safely during a very heavy snowing morning… 😉

Hehehe.. Let’s wiiiiii….!

time to speed up before a long break..

Loads of work to be completed before the xmas holidays..

Darling Hubby’s last paper is tomorrow (16th Dec).. and my next appointment with the SVs is on Monday (20th Dec).. Have to really work smart & fast to get it all done..while juggling with the other normal routines.. cook, tidying up, doing the laundry.. and be around the 2 darlings & hubby dearie..

Highlight of the TO DO list :
1. Complete the 2nd Year Minor Report
2. Start the 2nd stage analysis
3. Complete Ch.3 (Lit. Review) – for Part B Minor Report
4. Complete Ch. 4 (Lit Review) – for Part B Minor Report
5. Complete Ch.5 (Stage 1 Analysis) – for Part B Minor Report
6. Read on Regression Modelling!!

In the end, after all this, I’m looking forward for a nice brithday treat from darling hubby.. and a nice xmas holiday.. 😉 .. Oh,  and  I really do hope snow won’t get in the way to spoil everything..

besides that, I’m just really happy and grateful with our progress so far.. 😉


our happy family…

struggling with literature review…??

I know it may sound simple, but at the moment, I’m struggling with it.. I didnt expect that I would be stuck at it for such a long period…  So, I decided to read about it.. found few good tips  in ‘The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research’ by Gordon Rugg & Marian Petre..

To get more barakah from what I’ve read, here are the few tips that I found useful for me.. and hope it would enlighten those that’s having the same problem..

The structure

It is a also a way of demonstrating that you have a clear understandingof what you are doing and why you are doing it.. (My current structure is in a form of literature review map – according to themes + subthemes & draft table of content for my thesis )

Whats recommended by the authors is a structure which shows the timeline of the work.. begins with the earliest work in the area and proceeds to the most important past work up to the present..

Now, I need to improve my structure by including this approach.

The Flow of the Literature Review…

Basically, it should start with a problem..then,  followed by previous work in an attempt to resolve the problem. The literature review ends at the point where you enter the scene with an improved research methodology

Effective reading

Getting lost while reading is common.. Most of the times, I get lost.. totally lost.. heheheh.

It was said that a wise writer uses bridging text and signpost..So, everytime you read, do search for these two, to get better grip while reading..

*Bridging text : used to join two sections of a paper or other document

*Signpost : text explaining something that will be mentioned later..

hmm.. hope these few simple tips would help .. it did help me alot at the moment.. 🙂 Alhamdulillahh…

Current Mode : Analysis oo…analysis..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku.. Permudahkan urusan ku utk menjaga, mendidik anak2 serta mengurus rumahtangga bagi membantu meringankan kerunsingan menyelesaikan Analysis research-ku…

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku… Permudahkan urusan ku utk menyelesaikan masalah dgn analisis ku ini…

I’m tired..I’m restless… I need more time… I need more space..I wish I can have it all….. but this is life..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, bantulah hamba mu yang lemah ini…


Alhamdulillah abstract for paper accepted.. Now, have to complete the full paper by 24th September..

and the event is on 26th November, 2010 in London, The London Voluntary Sector Resource Centre, London, UK

At the moment, we have problem attending this conference. Daddy has used all his annual leave, so, there’s a possibility that I have to go to London alone..

I can’t imagine how that’s gonna be..

Just let the time decide..

Strawberry Picking..

Location : Lowes Fruit Farm, Edinburgh

Good news vs bad news

This week…was one of the most dramatic week.. It started with a bad news and by mid week, alhamdulillah good news came thru… Daddy got the scholarship for his study… Alhamdulillah… Hope more good news will come ..

Feeling grateful,


Two important things we manage to accomplish this week…

Mommy : Submitted her paper to a conference in London.. which is going to be held this Winter – 26 November 2010. The organiser is the Regional Studies Association, a reputable association.. Insyallah, harap sgt2 accepted..

Daddy : Submitted scholarship application to Heriot Watt University.. Harap sgt2 dpt… or not, its going to be a very difficult decision to make.. whether we have enough fund to pay the tuition fees… its a lot man.. £9850.. fuh.. keter sebijik.. if rezeki is on our side… we’ll get the scholarship to help us pay the tuition fee.. eventho it won’t cover the full amount, at least.. dpt la meringankan beban sikit.. insyallah…

The whole family :: end of this week.. hopefully, if everything’s ok, it’ll be here with us soon.. A BIG surprise.. hehehehe

2nd Update:

Aisya : Now, her appetite is getting better.. Thanks to ABIDEC multivitamin!! After 2 bottles, and currently on the 3rd bottle she now eats better. At the moment, her faves are strawberries, ABC shaped potatoes (from Iceland), apples..  Fish (as always) and fried chicken – any parts, as long as its not boneless..

Adlyna : Crawling ..all around the house.. bullying big sis.. currently refused to eat blended / pureed food.. so, mom & daddy have to give her solid food.. current faves are yogurts and cookies.. the carpet/ floor is her plate.. she would crush her cookies on the carpet, and pick it up one by one, before eating it.. adik..adik.. penat daddy.. having to hoover the house everyday..

Another big event coming soon.. aisya & adlyna’s opah & tokwan is arriving on 17th July.. staying with us for three weeks.. heheheh.. can’t wait for them to arrive..

That’s all for now..



Mommy dearie..

the 3rd year anniversary gift…

it’s something that we both have been wanting to own since daddy got his big birthday gift earlier this year..

so.. what is it..??


this is it..

Alhamdulillah, the parcel arrived the day before our anniversary…

These are some test shots …



mommy’s review

It was FINALLY held on 13th May. Though it has been postponed 3 times and had to cancel our Amsterdam holidays, Alhamdulillah everything went well. It was just a 40 mins affair. Mommy did a 10 mins presentation and the rest was just Q&A session or rather a chatting session between Prof McCarter, sara, my supervisor and me. Kids at behaved well while waiting for mommy to get back.

Alhamdulillah i got all the support that i need to keep on going with my PhD works. Either while doing it home or at school. But, biasala once awhile or maybe always the kids (daddy as well) wants ur extra attention whenever we do work at home. Hehehe tapi, i would say that as part of the workscope of doing work at home. Despite all that,as long i can get work done, it’s ok. Anyway, as being a mom and a wife, that’s our number one priority. If we do it right, insyaallah, Allah swt akan permudahkan urusan kita, in my case, its my Phd works..


Mommy’s precious… The support that i need every moment to keep going…

*Aisya, enjoying playing outside…

*Adlyna, enjoying BigSisAisya’s bottle..

*Daddy, enjoying the ride…

Adlyna’s first tooth

Everyone was excited as mommy noticed Adlyna’s first tooth yesterday, at 8 months old.

No wonder she’s been cranky for the past few days.. rupanya ada isi.. hehehe

As usual, mommy would do some research on things..especially when things got outta hands..

Below are some good tips on coping with Adlyna’s teething pain..

How to cope with teething problems

Just because your child hasn’t got their teeth through, doesn’t mean they won’t get teething problems.

Some babies are lucky and will have a pain-free time until the first teeth appear but we all know the nasty side-effects of teething pain: babies can become niggly, unhappy, dribble constantly and find it hard to eat too. Cheeks are often flushed and gums themselves red and sore.

There are 20 milk teeth that have to come through and the bad news is that your baby could be nearly two before the pain is over.

How to help

  • Teething biscuits are available for children who have moved on to solids.
  • Massaging a chilled teething gel into the gums.
  • Teethers: Choose from hard, textured, soft or chewy teethers. You’ll need to sterilise it for babies under one year. Some teethers are designed to be chilled in the fridge.

By Julia Shaw

(Source :

Mommy dearest..

Adlyna buli BigSisAisya..

We just love these snapshots of our two beloved daughters…



Look at her grin… ngheehehehe

Enjoying the moment,


Enjoying the sun…

Look how happy I am...

Today, everything started like any other weekday. Mommy woke up and went down to make some breakfast ( we had baked beans, hash brown & sausages + kopi tenom..hihihi) and take my morning milk.. As usual, I would be a bit grouchy and cranky.. however after watching few morning shows on cbeebies, I managed to be happy and cheeky again.

Daddy made mommy go to school so that on her way back home, she can stop by the gas station to fill up some gas, stop at wester hailes to grab 2 bottles of fresh milk and some other stuffs.. huh.. Mommy agreed to it.  so, me and adik were left alone at home with daddy for few hours..

Now, lets go to the best part/ story of the day. After mommy + daddy had their lunch cum tea… I was given the opportunity to play outside in the sun.. Here in Edinburgh, its kinda rare for us to have the sun around..However today, the sun was really bright and I had a great fun playing especially with my new slide that we bought at Glasgow Car boot sale for £3.. heheheh

Here are some of the pics that I would like to share..

Gonna play outside again tomorrow.. Yesshh!!!


No update since ..???

It’s been so long.. Yeah.. I know…
There’s so much things going on around us.. Mommy delivered my ‘adik’, we went back to Malaysia for 3 months, came back here .. mommy got back busy with work.. and so on…

and now, mommy will continue on her work again.. only a lil update .. hahahah

hope, she’ll spend some time later to update this blog in a more proper manner..

Till then,

P.s: mom just got to know that there’s an Iphone app for wordpress.. so, more options to update this blog.. huhuhuh

mommy couldn’t get it installed to her phone.. seems like there’s some problem with the application. She’ll try again later..


Its so aching… !

Mommy’s back is getting worse..Well, its definitely because she has gain approx. 8-9kg so far.. now, the scale shows that she’s 46.7 kg and she has approx. 3months to go, before the lil’ one comes out.

At the moment, she just can’t wait for the next appointment with the midwife so that she can arrange for a physiotherapy session … hoping that it would soothe her back ache.. But for the time being, hope this helps….

Ten Minutes to Back Pain Relief during Pregnancy

Pregnancy-related back pain ranges from mild discomfort after standing for long periods, to debilitating pain that can limit your ability to function. Although back pain can be a sign of a more serious condition, including labor, in most cases it is the result of changes happening within the body.

The pregnant spine is prone to developing painful conditions as a result of a combination of the following factors:

  • hormone production makes joint more mobile (to allow the pelvis to spread as the baby grows)
  • weight gain of 25-35 pounds over a short period of time, with the majority distributed in the front of the abdomen
  • changes in posture as the body compensates for the change in weight distribution.

Although it may seem logical that if you are in pain you should rest and not undertake an exercise routine, gentle stretching and movement will often decrease muscle spasm and improve posture, resulting in decreased pain. These simple exercises can be performed almost anywhere and are safe from first trimester through postpartum.

  1. Take at least a 5 minute walk at a moderate pace to loosen the muscles throughout the body. You could also substitute a warm shower or bath as a warm-up. (Total time – 5 minutes) Strengthening: Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each of the following exercises. (Total time – 2-3 minutes)a. Pelvic Tilts (to strengthen the abdominals): The simplest way to learn the pelvic tilt is to kneel on your hands and knees. In this position, you’ll notice an inward arch in your lower back. Tilt your pelvis backwards, so you flatten your back, keeping your buttocks relaxed. Avoid rounding the upper back when you do the tilt. The pelvic tilt can be performed while lying on your back, standing, on your hands and knee, or sitting.

    pelvis tilt - relaxedpelvic tilt

    b. Kegels (to strengthen the pelvic floor): To exercise the pelvic floor muscles, try to envision pulling the muscles of the vaginal area up and in towards your baby. You should not feel your buttocks, thighs, or abdominals tightening as you do this. One of the simplest ways to learn to contract the pelvic floor is to stop the flow of urine while you are on the toilet. You can try this technique to verify which muscles to isolate, but avoid doing this often, as it can cause urinary tract infections.

  2. Stretching: Hold each stretch for 20 seconds, and repeat 2-3 times. (Total time – 2-3 minutes)
    back stretcha. Back Stretch: Start on your hands and knees, with your legs wide apart. Place a small pillow under you to give support to your abdomen. Sit back on your knees and stretch your arms forward to feel a stretch along the spine.

    hamstring stretchb. Hamstring Stretch: Facing a chair or a step, place one foot up on it, keeping both hips and feet facing forward. Keep your back straight and lean forward from your hips to increase the stretch in the back thigh muscles. If you are unable to keep your back straight or your knees start to bend, the chair or step is likely too high for your flexibility level. Try a lower surface.

    wall posture stretchc. Wall Posture Stretch: Stand with your head, shoulders and back against a wall with your feet shoulders width apart, about 1-2 feet from the wall. Bring your arms out to your sides with your palms facing away from the wall. Do a pelvic tilt to press the lower back into the wall. Press your upper back and shoulders against the wall without letting your lower back move away from the wall. Next, press the back of your head back into the wall, without tilting your chin up or down. You should feel a stretch along the entire spine if you do this correctly. Once this exercise gets easier, you may raise your arms higher overhead for increased stretch.

This 10 minute program targets muscles that most often contribute to back pain during pregnancy. Setting aside a few minutes each day to complete these exercises can allow you to enjoy your pregnancy, feel healthy, and maintain your busy lifestyle. And if you’re one of the lucky 20% who don’t suffer with back pain, performing these exercises can prevent future episodes of back pain and help make your labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery easier.

Note: Some forms of back pain may require more intensive or individualized treatment, so be sure to discuss any back pain you experience with your health care provider. This information is not intended as a substitute to medical care.

Editorial provided by Alicia Silva, MSPT is a physical therapist, founder of Expect Fitness, and the author of “Preventing and Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy”.




the one in my mommy’s tummy…

How time flies..Mommy is already in her 20th week of pregnancy… (Can’t believe that she’s half way there…)

Believe it or not, she’s one of the lucky ones that does not experience any sickness during pregnancy.. . That’s why the only thing that makes her feel  pregnant is the growing belly and during the scanning.. However, she do have some backaches whenever she lay her body flat on any type of surface, be it the bed, floor, sofa or anything, as long as its a flat surface..  she still can’t figure out whether its because of the pregnancy or the side effect of epidural that she took previously .. (delivering me.. hehehe)

Here are some pics of my baby sis / baby bro in my mommy’s tummy…

10th week

20th week Enjoy!



Its Spring… !



It’s been a long while since this blog is updated..

Winter is over, now Spring is here.. and everybody is loving it.. !!

Including our dear Aisya..




Aisya’s mommy

New Life

Something to share…

A New Arrival in the Family

A Difficult but Fulfilling Process
A Muslim’s every act is an ibadah (servitude to Allah). What else could be more rewarding than helping create and welcoming a new servant of Allah on earth? Nine months may not be that much, but for a baby in the womb it brings the end of an extraordinary stage of his journey. It is a journey through which an impure ‘spurting fluid’ (al-Qur’an 86:6) is fashioned in the safe lodging of mother’s womb (al-Qur’an 23:12-14) and grows bigger and bigger to become a ‘human being’. As the human being is not meant to be confined in a tiny space, he needs a wider physical world in order to go through the process of ‘test and tribulation’ for which he is destined.

A Question to think about : According to the Quran, how important is the stage of the child being in the mother’s womb and what bearing does it have on the human being’s life?
The Birth
The birth of a baby is a mixture of anxiety, excitement and expectation. For mothers it is a fulfilling experience. Allah has given in them unusual resilience strength and courage to bear the burden and discomfort. A new life in their lap is a dream coming true for both the parents. It is the ultimate experience for a couple of ‘togetherness”, both working in unison to bring a new creature into the world.
Although parenthood is a matter of preparedness from the time one plans to marry, birth initiates the ‘real world’ experience of parenting. Labour is a traumatic and painful physical, as well as psychological, experience for a woman. For many husbands it may be hard to watch their beloved one in pain, but their presence has soothing effect on their partners. It reduces anxiety and provides a feeling of security to wives when most needed. The shared experience creates deeper bond between the couple in their common goal to serve Allah.

A Question to think about :“The shared experience creates deeper bond between the couple.” In your view, what are the ways in which a husband can support his wife during birth? Show how each way can strengthen the bond between them.

Islamic Customs on Birth of a Child
The comfort and safety of the baby suddenly shatters in the new unknown world. The new born (al-mawlood, pl-mawalid) cries out. The Sunnah of the Prophet teaches that when a baby is born he needs to be cleansed and dressed. A male adult, father or some one close in the family, should recite adhan (ritual call for collective prayer) in the right ear and iqamah (ritual announcement for starting the prayer) in the left ear. In the world of spirit man declared his instinctive readiness to accept Allah as his Lord (al-Qur’an 7:172). The first sound to reach a baby’s ear should thus be the declaration of Allah’s greatness, so that the sound always reverberates in his memory and settled in his soul. It is mentioned in a hadith that devil runs away by the sound of the adhan.
The mother of the faithful Ayesha (RA) mentioned, “I saw the prophet give adhan in the ear of al-Hussein ibn Ali when his mother, Fatima, gave birth to him”. (Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi).
When a child was born in a family, Ayesha (RA) would not ask whether it was a
boy or girl, rather she would ask “is it complete and sound?” so, if she was
told that it was, she would say, “all praise and thanks for Allah, Lord of
all creation”. (Bukhari)

It is an excellent practice to give a bit of small chewed date to the baby,
so that he starts his life with sweetness.

Ayesha (RA) said “new born children used to be brought to Allah’s messenger
and he would supplicate for blessing for them and rub a chewed date upon his
palate” (Muslim, Abu Dawud).

Muslims parents have instinctive dua (supplication) for their new-born. The
supplication by Mariam’s (AS) in this regard is unique mother (al-Qur’an

Arrival of a child in a family is a glad tiding that needs to be conveyed and
shared (al-Qur’an 3:39, 37:101).

A Question to think about : Give a pointwise list of things to do (as reflected by the sunnah) after the child is born. Show the order of precedence and comment on the significance of each action.

Islamic Customs in the first Week of a Child
“Every child is held in pledge for his aqiqa which is sacrificed for him on
his seventh day and he is named on it and his head is shaved” (Ahmad and Abu

Names should be linked with his father (al-Qur’an 33:5). Names have to be
meaningful. Praiseworthy names are those which mean slaves of Allah or His
attributes, the Prophets and the pious people.

“The most beloved of your names in the eye of Allah, the Mighty and
Magnificent, are Abdullah and Abdur Rahman” (Muslim).

Names should not be such which are disapproved or forbidden by the Prophet.
Whoever has a child born to him and wishes to offer a sacrifice then let him
sacrifice two sheep for a boy and a single sheep for a girl. (Abu Dawud and

With the child there is aqiqa, so spill blood for him and remove the harm
from him (Bukhari, Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

When al-Hasan was born, he (messenger) said to her (Fatima) : shave his head
and give the weight of his hair in silver to the poor. So, she shaved off his
hair, weighed it and its weight was a dirham or a part of dirham. (Ahmad and

The fitrah (the natural way) is five : circumcision, shaving the private
parts, trimming the moustache, clipping the nails and plucking hair from the
armpits (Bukhari, Muslim) Circumcision is better on the 7th day.

A Question to think about : There is indeed great wisdom in the Islamic customs in the first week of a child. Can you find points that justify this statement.

Sons and Daughters to be Treated Equally
The gender of a child should not bother parents. After all, it is divine
will. Sons and daughters must be treated equally. In pre-Islamic Arab and
some other societies daughters were the symbol of embarrassment and were
treated in shameful manner to the extent that some Arab fathers buried them
alive. It is an irony that many societies even today do not welcome the birth
of daughters in the same way they do with sons.

Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach adulthood he and I will stay
on the Day of Resurrection – and he interlaced his fingers (Muslim).
Prophet’s behaviour with his daughter Fatima was exemplary.

A Question to think about : Can you think of reasons why, even today, many societies do not welcome the birth of daughters?

The Demand from the Newborn Babies
The demand from the newborn babies is continuous and tremendous. Mothers
should be in the forefront in making sure that the baby is clean, well-fed,
loved and protected. Breast-milk is the perfect food for human babies. The
physical touch of the baby with the mother during breastfeeding creates
exhilarated relationship between the two. This is the root of life-long love
between a mother and a child.

Newborn babies are fully dependent on adults. The only way they can
communicate is crying when they are hungry or uncomfortable and smiling when
they are happy. Their hands and feet participate in their action. Babies like
to be rocked and talked to. The excellent practice for parents is to recite
the Qur’an for them.

A Question to think about : The child is completely dependent on his parents. Suggest ways in which parents can make sure that they are always aware of the child’s needs and fulfill them.

What about other Children?
A newborn baby naturally gets all the attention in a family. Older brothers
and sisters can feel a little bit left out. The youngest one, who had
probably so far monopolised parental attention, can be confused or jealous.
Parents have to be sensitive on this. It is just a matter of time when things
settle down and the brothers and sisters learn to accommodate themselves to
create a lifelong relationship.

Passing on the Trust of Faith
Holding a baby in the arms is one of the most emotionally fulfilling
experiences in life. Watching a baby grow and thrive is most rewarding.
Getting to know a new born baby in the first few days and weeks is also a
thrilling experience which reaches far beyond just caring for his daily
needs. The baby learns about his parents, the family and the surroundings. It
is an unforgettable time for the whole family watching a tiny person making
sense of the world around him. In this process parents also get more matured
and responsible in life. It is an interactive dynamic process.

Children are a source of vigour to the heart, joy to the souls and pleasure
to the eyes. Wealth and children are adornments to human beings (al-Qur’an
18:47) which allure them toward worldly life. Many forget the role of proper
upbringing their children because of the intense love for them. Parents are
for the protection and physical care of their children. Time is the
invaluable gift parents can give to their children. On top of everything,
Muslim parents are in obligation to pass on the amanah (Trust) of faith to
their children from the very young and tender age, so that they can grow with
balanced Muslim personality. Only then they can bear witness to the Truth
before mankind in the future.

A Question to think about : “In this process parents also get more matured and responsible in life.” Expand on this by showing what aspects of the parents’ character improve. Also show how children can allure human beings toward worldly life.

me-preggy* While carrying my dear aisya at 8 months*

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Right buggy for me…

Wrong buggy ‘could harm baby’

Babies put in buggies that face away from their mums and dads are left stressed and emotionally impoverished, a report has warned.

Experts at Dundee University studied more than 3,000 cases and found that choosing the wrong type of pushchair can damage a child’s development.

“Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful. Stressed babies grow into anxious adults” – Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

In one experiment, 20 babies were pushed for a mile, half the journey being spent in an away-facing buggy and the other in a toward-facing one.

It was discovered that 25 per cent of parents using face-to-face buggies talked to their baby – more than twice as many as those using away-facing buggies.

Babies facing towards the buggy-pusher were found to experience a reduced heart rate and were twice as likely to fall asleep, suggesting they were less stressed.

Mothers and infants who had a chance to use both types of buggy laughed more frequently with face-to-face buggies. Only one baby in the group of 20 laughed during the away-facing journey, while half laughed during the face-to-face journey.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, from Dundee University’s School of Psychology, said: “Neuroscience has helped us to learn how important social interaction during the early years is for children’s brain development.

“If babies are spending significant amounts of time in a baby buggy, that undermines their ability to communicate easily with their parent.

“At an age when the brain is developing more than it will ever again in life, then this has to impact negatively on their development.

“Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful. Stressed babies grow into anxious adults.

“It looks, from our results, that it is time that we began carrying out larger scale research on this issue.

“Parents deserve to be able to make informed choices as to how to best promote their children’s emotional, physical, and neurological development.”

Laura Barbour of the Sutton Trust, which funded the research, added: “The Sutton Trust hopes that buggy manufacturers will look closely at this research, which suggests that face-to-face models improve communication at a very early stage.”

Source : © Independent Television News Limited 2008. All rights reserved.

Mommy found this on the net and would like to share with other mommies here. So what are the options for a buggy which would encourage face to face interactions with my mommy..




Well, my mommy’s favourite would be the third buggy, the amazing “Stokke Xplory”.. but its too expensive! Darn! Let’s just hope that one day daddy would give mommy a big surprise treat.. and that treat would be a buggy for me! Yeah!


*Me in my buggy with mommy *

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Its snowing…!!

Its been snowing lightly for the past few days.. but today.. ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas.. lalalala….’

Well, everyone starts to get excited with the snow.. even our neighbours went out to build up their snowman in the middle of the night..*omputih pun jakun snow jugak..* heheheh

As this is my first encounter with snow.. mommy+daddy were wondering, how I would react.. well, mcm mommy and daddy jugak, I was excited when I saw everything’s white..  hehehe..

2nd dec

*Kalau dekat Malaysia, bila hantar keta kat mamak cuci, baru dpt jadi mcm ni..


Aisya gedik snow…


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The ‘Sleeping Hat’


Topic of day would be ‘Sleeping Hat’.

My mommy puts me to sleep with a sleeping hat. I know most of the people out there would be wondering : what is this sleeping hat? Actually my mommy got the idea to put me to sleep with a ‘sleeping hat’ after she saw a ‘downtime sleepy hat‘ over the internet.


Well, it actually did work for me. Without the sleeping hat, I slept for about 30mins. Thanks to the sleeping hat, I can sleep up to 2 hours, giving my mommy and daddy some time to settle their daily routines.. This is how I look with my mommy’s version of downtime sleepy hat.

Me n my sleeping hat

* I do look a bit silly though..*

Enjoy everyone..